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Driving Is Scary So I Do It With My Eyes Closed


Noah writes, This last poem is about bad decisions. I have made some of those recently (nothing illegal, don't worry) and I was a bit depressed about it, so I wrote a poem.

Driving Is Scary So I Do It With My Eyes Closed
by Noah Smith of Shelburne
Student at Community College of Vermont


I was never exceedingly good
At focusing
Or staying in one place for too long
So most of what I say Is my wishful thinking
Grabbing the wheel
And driving off into the sunset
As we drive past dead towns and cities I will wonder
About better ways to fade away
And better ways to die
Or worse days to let go
And lose control
And wonder how I still move forward
So, if life really is a highway
I've been drinking
And probably swerving in my lane
So I'll drop the bottle
And maybe get a grip
And wrap myself
Around the next lamppost I see
And I'll sit there and wait
Until someone might stop
And give me directions
To the next hospital