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That Taunting Spider


Emily is a new contributor to Young Writers Project, and this is her first attempt at recording herself reading a piece. As she put it, "For a while now, I have been working on writing a novel. It has been a large part of my time spent and helped me develop my writing skills in general. Every now and again, it gives me inspiration for poetry ideas. This is the most recent one. Geronimo!"

That Taunting Spider
By Emily Slate
Ninth Grade, People's Academy

All the memories,
All the days gone by,
All the hours I spent with you,
Are gone.
Because everything that was right,
Was wrong.

Everything that I knew to be true,
Was nothing more than a well-spun lie,
By the spider that taunted me from its web,
Where it looked down upon me and smirked,
Because it knew.
It knew what I did not.

This celestial spider that wove the worlds together,
That spun out the life which I use,
Did it out of pure spite.
It knew that someday I would find out;
That someday I would have to choose,
And it took the time I spent,
To make the choice that much harder.

To choose between two things I knew not to be true,
Where either was false - maybe both were.
And that spider watched me,
Making my life just that much happier,
That much sadder.

So that in the end I could not make the choice;
This choice that could kill me,
That could save me from myself,
Would not be my own.

This choice that could save me or kill me or do absolutely nothing,
Was yours to make.