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Invasion Of The Emerald Ash Borer


The emerald ash borer hasn't been spotted in Vermont yet, but it's getting closer. The little green beetle has destroyed ash tree populations in Ohio and Michigan, and has chewed its way across the Midwest to New England.

Some landowners worry they should cut their ash trees now, before the pest arrives. We'll talk to Michael Snyder, Commissioner of Vermont Forests Parks and Recreation, to find out what you, and the state, can do to prepare.  

Also in the program, Anya RaderWallack, chair of the Green Mountain Care Board, announced she's leaving the job at the end of summer, just as the Board is reaching the heavy-lifting phase of transforming Vermont's health care payment and delivery system. News analyst Hamilton Davis examines what her departure means for the health care reform effort in Vermont.

And... SpellCheck, a spelling bee for grown-ups.

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