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Learning More About Brandon’s Stephen A. Douglas

Stephen A. Douglas was born in Brandon and left the state at the age of 17. Like Vermont’s two U.S. Presidents – Arthur and Coolidge – he rose to political prominence elsewhere. For Douglas it was in Illinois, where he defeated Abraham Lincoln in 1858 in a race for the U.S. Senate. It was during this campaign that the famous Lincoln-Douglas debates were held.

But two years later, Lincoln defeated Douglas for the Presidency. Author of "Stephen Douglas and Antebellum Democracy" Martin Quitt and UVM History Professor Kevin Thornton look at the influence Vermont had on the politician known as “The Little Giant,” his rise to fame, his position on slavery and where he failed in his run for President.

Also on the program, it’s mud season and spring wildflowers in bloom. So Jennifer Lamphere Roberts, author of “AMC’s Best Day Hikes in Vermont” tells us what to look out for and where to hike at this time of year.

Plus, we hear from Luc Reid of Champlain Valley Localsourcers, who has created a new website that serves as matchmaker for people looking for the perfect CSA for them.

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