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Warning: This Classroom Has Been Flipped

AP/Jae C. Hong

Walk into a lot of classrooms today and you’ll see pretty much the same thing. Teachers lecturing, students (possibly) taking notes and homework being assigned at the end of the class. But, some teachers are now utilizing a new approach to education that incorporates the digital habits of their students.

UVM Plant Biology Professor Laura Hill Bermingham and Middlebury College Geography Professor Jeff Howarth explain the concept of the flipped classroom and how students are responding to the change.

Also on the program, Sunday is Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day. Al Karevy of the Vermont Center for Photography in Brattleboro tells us how people will celebrate by making and photographing with pinhole cameras. 

Plus, we hear about Omar Ahmed, a Somali refugee who dreams of becoming a professional bodybuilder and building his community.

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