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Creating And Curating Your Message Online

AP/David Paul Morris

As you start planning a trip, there’s a good possibility that you’ll check out various travel sites to read feedback about hotels or resorts you are considering. When you’re looking for a restaurant, Yelp and Urbanspoon are places you may refer to for suggestions.

UVM Media/Communications Professor Rob Williams discusses the reliability of these reviews and how business owners effectively manage their online message on these sites and on social media.

Also on the program, when more people are dying than are being born, demographers call it natural decrease. Currently, over a third of counties in the U.S. are dying off. Ken Johnson, a Professor of Sociology at the University of New Hampshire and a demographer at the Carsey Institute, updates us on how counties in Vermont are faring.

Plus, Vermont Technical College student Tyler McNaney owns a three-dimensional printer that uses plastic filaments to create multi-dimensional objects for consumers, designers and industry. Now he has developed a cheaper, more environmentally friendly way to produce the plastic needed for the printer.

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