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Young Writers Project: Happily Ever After


This is a creative response to a writing prompt asking you to create a fairy tale that incorporates the phrase, “one thousand peas.”

Happily Ever After
By Sam Van de Ven
Grade Nine, Woodstock Union High School

I'm not perfect
or your dream come true
and I won't deny it
you aren't too.

But if we meet in the middle
and you slide on my glass shoe
you don't need a white horse
or a magic mirror to break through.

Let's check out which magical spell
we dipped into
there's no other love like this
spell binding one with you.

Sometimes your nose grows
just like Pinocchio's.
Sometimes you fit the image of the beast
while I'm the beauty,
but it's okay, because you rush in on your white horse
like it's your duty.

Beneath my bed,
you planted one thousand peas;
I know I didn't pass the test
just let me be yours, please.

It certainly was a once upon a time
but it's not time for the end,
if you can't get me off your mind
maybe it's time we are more than friends.

There will be stories of us,
seemingly endless pages;
our love will preserve
throughout the ages.

We won't focus on the faults
only the happy times and laughter;
it's about time
we start our happily ever after.

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