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VPR Morning Edition Music Beds for the Week of 9/23/13

Monday, September 23rd:

5:59am: John Scofield: "Endless Summer", from "Uberjam Deux."

6:20am: Sim Redmond Band: "Good Thoughts", from "The Sim Redmond Band."

6:49am: Benevento Russo Duo: "Bronko's Blues", from "Best Reason to Buy the Sun."

6:58am: RJD2: "A Beautiful Mine", from "Magnificent City Instrumentals."

7:20am: Rez Abbasi Trio: "The Cure", from "Continuous Beat."

7:58am: Klaus Weiland: "Autumn Leaves", from "Internationale Volkslieder."

8:20am: Joe Morris and Ray Riendeau: "Benny and the Jets", from "Groove Therapy."

8:39am: Shawn Lee and the Ping Pong Orchestra: "Song for David", from "Voices and Choices."

8:50am: Stephane Wrembel: "The Selfish Gene", from "Origins."

8:59am: All India Radio: "Lo-Fi Groovy", from "Permanent Evolutions."

Tuesday, September 24th:

5:59am: The Poets of Rhythm: "Discern/Define", from the album of the same name.

6:20am: Handa-McGraw and the Internationals: "Dreamcatcher Dance", from the EP of the same name.

6:49am: Aaron Goldberg, Ali Jackson, and Omer Avital: "Blue Maraba", from "Yes!"

6:58am: Jerry Garcia Band: "That's What Love Will Make You Do", Live from Concord Pavilion, Concord, CA., 10/17/75.

7:20am: Depeche Mode: "Route 66", from "Singles Box 4."

7:58am: Noam Pikelny: "Jim Thompson's Horse", from "Beat the Devil and Carry A Rail">Brian Hughes: "Cafe Sin Nombre", from "A Fast Train to a Quiet Place."

8:20am: Moses Guest: "Saint Mo", from "Moses Guest."

8:39am: Tim Ries: "Ruby Tuesday", from "The Rolling Stones Project."

8:50am: Old and In the Way: "Jerry's Breakdown", from "Breakdown."

8:59am: Grateful Dead: "Dark Star", Live from Lincoln, Nebraska, 2/26/73.

Wednesday, September 25th:

5:59am: Bryan Ferry Orchestra: "Love is the Drug", from "The Jazz Age."

6:20am: Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble: "Riviera Paradise", from "The Essential Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble."

6:49am: Freddie King: "Hide Away", from "The Best of Freddie King."

6:58am: Twiddle: "Beethoven and Greene", from "Somewhere on the Mountain."

7:20am: Grateful Dead: "Eyes of the World", Live from Capitol Theater, Passaic, NJ., 6/18/76.

7:58am: Damian Erskine: "Costa Del Sol", from "Trios."

8:20am: Bruce Cockburn: "Foxglove", from "Speechless: The Instrumental Bruce Cockburn."

8:39am: Radio Citizen: "Thema", from "Hope and Despair."

8:50am: String Cheese Incident: "Eyes of the World", from "Jerry Jams for Rex."

8:59am: Brassroots: "Special Cut", from "Black Eye Friday."

Thursday, September 26th:

5:59am: Jan Hammer and Jeff Beck: "Drive", from the album of the same name.

6:20am: Kurt Vile: "He's Alright", from the album of the same name.

6:49am: Doug Perkins: "Garlic Patch Rag", from "Music For Flat-Top Guitar."

6:58am: Bruce Hornsby and the Noisemakers: "Stander on the Mountain", from "Free Noise: Dagle's Choice, Vol. 1."

7:20am: The Apples: "Kings", from the album of the same name.

7:58am: Bob Dylan and the Band: "Open the Door, Homer", from "The Basement Tapes."

8:20am: New Mastersounds: "The Road to Fuji Rock", from "Ten Years On."

8:39am: Noam Pikelny: "My Mother Thinks I'm a Lawyer", from "Beat the Devil and Carry a Rail."

8:50am: Yaziko: "Perfect Body", from "Night Over Rio."

8:59am: Various Artists: "Uncle John's Band", from "Pickin' on the Grateful Dead, Vol. 2."

Friday, September 27th:

5:59am: John Scofield: "Camelus", from "Uber Jam Deux."

6:20am: The Combustion Collective: "Sticks", from "Slick."

6:49am: Lord Newborn and the Magic Skulls: "Dime Bag Conspiracy", from "Lord Newborn and the Magic Skulls."

6:58am: Grateful Dead: "Althea", Live from Barton Hall, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY., 5/7/80.

7:20am: Steely Dan: "Your Gold Teeth II", from "Katy Lied."

7:58am: The Real Tuesday Weld: "Return I Will To Old Brazil", from the single of the same name.

8:20am: Penguin Cafe Orchestra: "Scherzo and Trio", from "Union Cafe."

8:39am: Robert Walter's 20th Congress: "Hunk", from "Get Thy Bearings."

8:50am: Disco Biscuits: "Have a Cigar", from "Live at Lallapalooza, 2006."

8:59am: Steve Blanco Trio: "Black Dog", from "Piano Warrior."