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My Favorite Place


To start off the new season of writing prompts, YWP asked, “What’s your favorite place?” Here’s what Luke described.

My Favorite Place
by Luke Fitzgerald
Grade Four, Orchard Elementary School

“Whoosh”, the cool fresh breeze of spring blows into my pale face. It feels a little cold. I hear the wing beats of the swans. I hear crows, “caw, caw.” I hear the “honk, honk” of geese. I go over to a tree stump. I eat some trout lily. It tastes sweet and sugary. I look across Lake Champlain. I see the partially snow covered Adirondack Mountains. I hear the "trickle, drip, splash" of melting snow and ice running down rocks. I feel satisfied, at peace and calm. This is my favorite place, what’s yours?

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