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Flood Insurance Rising

AP/Toby Talbot

Over 4,000 buildings in Vermont have federal flood insurance policies, and some of those policies got a LOT more expensive on October 1st. We’ll look into the federal flood insurance program: how it works…and doesn’t work…in Vermont.

Monday on the program (11/4/13), we'll talk to Insurance Commissioner Susan Donegan and to River Corridor and Floodplain Manager (and Vermont's National Flood Insurance Coordinator)  Rob Evans about the Biggert-Waters Act, which Congress passed in 2012 in an attempt to pull the National Flood Insurance Program out of an over $20 billion debt. We'll also find out what Vermonters can do to mitigate the rising cost of flood insurance.

Has your bill gone up? Post your comments or questions about flood insurance below, or email vermontedition@vpr.net.

Also, we'll hear the second installment of Dorothy’s List, Vermont Edition’s monthly series for young readers. Each month we take a close look at one of the books nominated for Vermont’s own Dorothy Canfield Fisher children’s choice book award. This month we visit with seventh graders at Camel’s Hump Middle School, in Richmond. They’re reading Bomb: The Race to Build – and Steal – The World’s Most Dangerous Weapon.


Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM) can be printed here: www.msc.fema.gov

Digital Flood Insuracne Rate Maps (dFIRM) are available for Chittenden, Rutland, Washington, Windham, and Windsor Counties here: hazards.fema.gov/wps/portal/mapviewer

For help with the maps, call a FEMA Map Specialist: 1-877-FEMA-MAP (1-877-336-2627)

General Flood Insurance Information: 1.800.427.4661