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What Makes A House A Home?


What makes the place you live in feel like a home? Do you need to put up curtains and hang art on the walls? Or is it a fireplace in the wintertime and a nice big couch that gives your house a comforting soul? Maybe it's just the arrangement of the kitchen counters.

We’ll talk with writer Howard Mansfield Thursday, November 21st Noon and 7pm. He says we've lost track of the old fashioned idea of a dwelling.

What qualities make your house or apartment feel like home? Email vermontedition@vpr.net or leave your questions or comments below.

Also in the program, how people in Vermont are lending a digital boost to the typhoon recovery effort in the Philippines. Bill Morris is a volunteer with the international organization Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team. He explains the online mapping work that he and others have been doing this week in Vermont to help relief agencies on the ground in the Philippines distribute aid to typhoon victims.