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Young Writers Project: I'm Your Self-Esteem


This poem was recorded at Young Writers Project headquarters on open mic night.

I’m Your Self Esteem
by Aliya Schneider
Grade Ten, Rutland High School

Have I been used all this time?
Am I just here to keep you alive?
Make you look cool?
You're right. I am too nice.
I guess that's what you need to be by your side.

Is it just an act?
Me being used, to protect your mind?
your sane-
your look-
Is it the time I spend talking, and the time you spend looking at your phone, that
makes me question-
why you have time to tweet,
but wouldn't bother to get up on two feet,
to hear what I have to say?

You pretend to care.
And I believe it, it's fair.
All the times I let you off easy,
please, don't you see,
how I secretly shout inside?
Standing up for myself, never aloud.
I love and hate you, but being best friends somehow makes me feel proud.
I guess I'm just scared or in denial.
To be used, again.

I can't tell if you're just another friend taking advantage of my kind intentions,
or if the truth is, you're just lonely beyond your own belief and need someone else to be
loved by.

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