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Wellness At Work: Don't Let Them Eat Cake?

AP/Michael Conroy
Josh Baldonado works at a treadmill desk in the firm's offices in Carmel, Ind. Workers sign up for 30 slots on the treadmills and have their phone and computer transferred to the workstions.

Healthy, happy employees are better employees, so the theory goes. But how can the workplace itself help employees meet their wellness goals? Tuesday on Vermont Edition, we talk with an expert in workplace culture about what employers can do to improve the wellness of their workers. Judd Allen of the Human Resources Institute explains how the culture of a workplace can be instrumental to individual's ability to stop smoking or lose weight. And we talk about what organizational wellness looks like in action.

Also in the program, we harken back to Vermont of the 1820s when turkey farmers took thousands of birds to market in Boston by walking them there. Peter Gilbert of the Vermont Humanities Council explains the history of the great turkey drives.

And, what Vermont Thanksgiving meal would be complete without a dish of Gilfeather turnips? VPR's Susan Keese explains how this special variety of turnip was cultivated in Wardsboro.