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Post Thanksgiving Food Meditations

flickr: Kerry J 3202442293

Those early Thanksgiving participants who were so thankful to have made it through the previous year, with the help of their Native American neighbors, were especially grateful for the bountiful food they had before them. There were no grocery stores selling shrink-wrapped frozen turkeys and gelatinous cans of cranberry sauce.

Today, as we’re all still basking in the glow of our festive holiday meals, we’re revisiting a few of our favorite Vermont Edition shows about food. First, we’re going to explore our connection to food with people who have thought extensively about the meaning of food and what it reveals about our cultural priorities and values.

Then we’ll learn more about Vermont’s commitment to local food. From farmers markets to CSAs, farm-to-table restaurants to food venture centers we’ll find out how the state is doing well by local eaters, and what could be done better.

And finally, we’ll learn what kinds of wild edibles are still available to harvest at this time of year.