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2013 Year in Review: Haiku Edition!

Andy Graulund/Flickr

As we welcome the new year, we're interested in hearing your experiences in and reflections on 2013. We want to hear about the sports, politics, weather, and personal experiences that shaped your year. BUT, there's one catch: they must be in haiku form! 

For those of you who need a refresher, a haiku is a traditional Japanese poem usually comprised of three lines with a first line of five syllables, a second of seven syllables, and a final line of five syllables. Sometimes it takes a little constraint to liberate your creativity!

Thursday, Jan. 2 at Noon and 7 p.m., Vermont poet Geof Hewitt and Reuben Jackson, host of VPR's Friday Night Jazz, will join us on Vermont Edition to talk about haikus and to share their own poetic reflections on the year. We'll also hear your own original work. 

Also on the program, Charlotte Albright walks us through a current exhibit at the Montshire Museum entitled "Toys: The Inside Story". The exhibit explores the mechanisms that make classic toys work, and is open until January 20.

Plus, we re-visit a young ice skate sharpener who picked up the skill in just six months at a local skating rink.

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