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The Future Of Education In Vermont

Toby Talbot
Education Secretary Rebecca Holcombe

Many Vermont legislators and policymakers have spent the last two days at special summits at UVM and St. Michael's College. These two summits focused exclusively on education policy and finance- issues that will surely come up quite a bit in this legislative session.

We’ll talk to the new Education Secretary, Rebecca Holcombe, about her vision for the future of education in Vermont…and how to pay for it. We'll also hear from Tammy Kolbe, an Assistant Professor of Education, Leadership and Policy at the University of Vermont.

Also on the show, we'll hear about the GMO labeling law that Maine's Governor signed into law late last week. It goes into effect later this year, but it doesn't mean foods with GMO's will actually be labeled in Maine any time soon.

Broadcast live on Wednesday, Jan. 15 at noon; rebroadcast at 7 p.m.

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