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The Rub Between Renters And Landlords

Ric Cengeri
Tenants and landlords will have a better working relationship if they understand their rights and responsibilities.

“Renters Live Longer!” That was what a story claimed years ago. The premise was, renters experienced less stress than homeowners when a pipe burst or the roof needed to be re-shingled. But that adage is really only true if renters and their landlords develop an amicable relationship.

Vermont Tenants Director Pam Favreau and Angela Zaikowski, owner of Vermont Apartment Owners Association, discuss the rights and responsibilities both sides of this relationship have. We also hear from Alex Sturges, who created BVTenants, a website where renters can learn about landlords and share renting advice.

Also on the program, a look at the financial questions that loom over the state’s push to create a single-payer health care system.  News analyst Hamilton Davis studies and writes about these issues for vpr.net, and he joins us to examine a few major questions that lawmakers will need to resolve in the next year or two to keep the idea of a single-payer system alive.

And we visit Lake Morey in Fairlee where winter sports enthusiasts are trying out Nordic skates. The long blades and detached heel are idea for long tours across the open ice.

Broadcast live on Wednesday, Jan. 22 at noon; rebroadcast at 7 p.m.

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