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Young Writers Project: I Wonder Why I Wonder


I Wonder Why I Wonder
By Jacob Surks
Grade Five, Browns River Middle School

 I wonder why I wonder?
         I wonder if a plane could fly to the edge of the atmosphere?
         It would be cool but can it be done?
         I wonder... I wonder
         I wonder if you could drain the ocean with a milk jug?
         The problem is where would the water go?

I wonder ... I wonder
          I wonder about pollution and if it can be stopped
          It is possible but can to work together?
          I wonder ... I wonder
          I wonder about the future
          About pollution
          And population
          And most of all if earth will still be here
          if we will still have fresh air
          and people
           and new technology
           You see there are wanting to know wonders and there are concerning wonders
           Fortunately for me there are more wanting to know wonders

But what about you
           You can wonder good
           You can wonder bad
           But you can't just think about one
           You have to think about both
           But who knows what will happen
           So take a moment and
           and wonder
           THE FUTURE

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