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Slavery In Vermont? It's More Complicated Than You Think

The Constitution House historic marker in Windsor, Vermont, highlights the prohibition of slavery in 1777. Our guest says things were a little more complicated than that.

In 1777, Vermont’s constitution outlawed slavery. But it turns out people continued to be enslaved for a number of years after that.

We’ll talk to UVM History professor Harvey Amani Whitfield about his new book, The Problem of Slavery in Early Vermont, 1777-1810.

Also on the show, we'll hear from a Vermont mother who is testifying in Washington DC this week about her son's experience with a food borne illness.

And we'll hear an excerpt from a documentary about Vermont maple sugar making that features the singing of Pete Seeger.

Broadcast live on Thursday, January 30th at noon; rebroadcast at 7 p.m.

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