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Budgeting From The School Board’s Perspective

Toby Talbot
School budgets have been submitted and will be voted on in March at Town Meeting.

As school boards try to hold the line on expenses while putting together their annual budgets, they realize that even at level funding, many homeowners in their district will see a rise in property taxes. It’s a dilemma for school districts across the state.

Vermont School Board Association Executive Director Stave Dale discusses the challenges that school districts are facing to keep budgets in check and educate their constituency on the tax increases they’ll face. And we talk to several school districts about the specific pressures they had to deal with this year.

Also on the program, the woman for whom Susie Wilson Road in Essex Junction was named has quite a reputation. And not a particularly good one. Local historian Jerry Fox researched how much of the sordid tale is true. He shares what he has uncovered.

Broadcast live on Wednesday, Feb. 5 at noon; rebroadcast at 7 p.m.

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