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Hanging Up On The Hand Helds

Charles Krupa
The Vermont Legislature is considering a bill that would ban hald-held cell phone use while driving.

Vermont already has a law banning texting while driving, the use of a cell phone by drivers under 18 and a ban on using hand-held devices in work zones.

Recently the House passed a bill that would make it illegal to use a hand-held device while driving for drivers of any age. The Senate Transportation Committee has been hearing testimony on the bill.

We speak with State Senator Dick Mazza, Chair of the Transportation Committee, and Tunbridge State Representative Sarah Buxton to learn more about the potential law.

Also on the program, Thomas Christopher Greene is a novelist and the president of Vermont College of Fine Arts. His latest effort is called the Headmaster’s Wife. It begins with the main protagonist, Arthur Winthrop, taking off all of his clothes and walking through Central Park in the snow. He tells us more about this provocative novel.

Broadcast live on Tuesday, Feb. 25 at noon; rebroadcast at 7 p.m.

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