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Planning For Retirement

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Dreams of retiring in a picturesque locale are realized through proper financial planning.

For our parents’ generation, retirement planning seemed so much easier. You had the company-backed pension combined with Social Security payouts mixed with a few other assets and you were all set.

But today, Social Security will probably not cover your expenses and very few people retire with a pension. So how do you ensure that you’ll have enough to live on after you end your career?

Ben Nostrand, Chief Investment Officer of Westview Investment Advisors and Joe Little, President/Owner of Park Place Financial Advisors provide insight into strategies for retirement planning.

Also on the program, Andrew Harris was UVM’s first African-American graduate. He went on to become a minister and abolitionist. But almost two centuries later, very little has been done to commemorate him. UVM History Professor Kevin Thornton tells the story of one of the country’s first African-American college graduates.

Plus, we dip into our virtual mailbag and read your comments.

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