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Young Writers Project: They


Recorded live at The Grammar School, at an open mic night that Wells herself helped set up.

By Wells Mundell-Wood
Grade Five, The Grammar School

They see no color,
they see no goal.
They see no peace,
no tranquil roll.
They see nothing
that captures their eyes,
Just a dull annihilation
in a mere disguise.
They wish of nothing
that crosses their care
nothing of importance;
they clutch no affair.
They live in darkness;
inside old, shredded pieces.
They're blinded with gloom;
with unfixable creases.
They find no light
in a wave of horror.
When described, they'll see nothing...
They'll say they want no more.
Their emotions are priceless
with their every breath.
They see no difference
between life and death.
They feel no emotion,
oh, merciless world...
And yet, they still wonder:
Is there something, one thing of a cure?

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