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Don't Ask, Won't Pay: Women Negotiating For Higher Salaries

Toby Talbot
People gather on the steps of the Statehouse for a rally on National Equal Pay Day in 1999.

When asked to choose a metaphor to describe the salary negotiation process, women pick "going to the dentist." Most men choose "winning a ballgame." In Vermont, women still make on average 87 percent of what their male colleagues do. Perhaps that’s partly because they’re not asking for more?

We’ll talk to Cheryl Hanna, Vermont Law School Professor, and Cary Brown, executive director of The Vermont Commission on Women, about pay equity and what women can do to be better negotiators.

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Also on the show, we’ll get an update on the money that was cut for food stamp recipients in the latest farm bill. Will the state step in to fill the gap?

Broadcast live on Tuesday, March 11 at noon; rebroadcast at 7 p.m.