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The Power Of Eminent Domain

Alden Pellett
In 2010, the Federal Goverment considered using eminent domain to expand a border crossing station on the Rainville family farm in Morses Line.

As you traverse the state on one of our interstates, you can thank the concept of eminent domain. And much of the power you use gets to you because of projects that were cleared using it.

But that also means someone had to give up all or part of their property to make these projects happen. And they were compensated because of the Fifth Amendment in the United States Constitution.

Author of Land in Conflict and Vermont Law School Professor Sean Nolon and Attorney Gerry Tarrant of Tarrant, Gillies, Merriman & Richardson, discuss when eminent domain can be used and the rights of property owners in these cases.

Also on the program, forget about those with great accomplishments in history. Matthew Mayo, author of the new book Jerks in New England History, has taken a shine to the notorious failures of the past and shares some of their tales.

Plus, we go tracking wildlife in the woods with Dummerston author and forester Lynn Levine.

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