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66.9% Sugar: Vermont’s Maple Syrup History

Maple sugaring methods have changed greatly in Vermont. It can be traced back to the Abenaki people boiling sap in clay pots. The settlers held sugaring parties in the sugarbush. And today, we’re using vacuum tubing systems

Betty Ann Lockhart, author of Maple Sugarin’ in Vermont, and Burr Morse, owner of the Morse Farm Maple Sugarworks, discuss the incredible changes that maple sugaring has gone through over the past few centuries.

Also on the program, Major General Steve Cray, the adjutant general of the Vermont National Guard, discusses the National Guard’s reaction to the proposed Pentagon budget.

Plus, on Town Meeting Day, Vernon residents voted to disband its police department. After a petition was circulated, the decision will now be reconsidered. We hear from Windham County Sheriff Keith Clark about what protection his department could provide for the $40,000 a year the town has budgeted.

Broadcast live on Tuesday, March 18 at noon; rebroadcast at 7 p.m.

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