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Crime And Punishment: A New Approach To Drug Offenders

Toby Talbot
The Northwest State Corrections Facility in St. Albans on a snowy day in 2008.

One of the Shumlin administration’s top priorities this session is to change the options for the treatment and sentencing of opiate addicts in the criminal justice system. A bill currently working its way through the legislature would allow prosecutors and judges more latitude before a case gets to trial.

We'll talk about Senate bill S.295 with Robert Sand, the Senior Legal and Policy Advisor for the Vermont Department of Public Safety. He's been tapped by the administration to shepherd this bill through the legislature.

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We'll also hear about the effort to get people involved in the criminal justice system signed up for health insurance. We'll talk with Dr. Delores Burroughs-Biron, the Health Services Director for the Department of Corrections.

Broadcast live on Wednesday, March 26th at noon; rebroadcast at 7 p.m.