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Racism Within A Racial Group

Colorism, racism based on the tone of skin, exists within the African-American community.

Being a member of a minority group in a homogenous state like Vermont is challenging enough. Now add the racism that exists within the African-American community, based on the tone of a person’s skin.

Shanta Evans-Crowley and Shela Linton are the co-creators of an event called “From Ghetto to Granola” that is being held this Saturday in Brattleboro. They discuss the documentary “Dark Girls” and the prevalence of “colorism” that exists within the African-American community globally and in Vermont.

Also on the program, journalist Lily Casura discusses how veterans can successfully transition from the battlefield to the classroom. She is the creator of Healingcompbattrauma.com and will be part of a symposium being held at UVM this weekend called Expanding Diversity: Speaking Up, Reaching Out and Stepping Beyond.

Broadcast live on Thursday, March 27 at noon; rebroadcast at 7 p.m.

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