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Why We Dance

Contra Dancing.

Do you contra dance on the weekends? Have you always want to put on a pair of tights and learn to plié? Maybe you just like to sway to the radio in your kitchen...

You may not think of yourself as a dancer, but dance is just another form of movement. And movement is essential to human culture, according to Andrea Olsen, Middlebury College dance professor and author of The Place of Dance. We'll talk to Andrea Olsen about what dance means to her and the place of dance in our lives and our culture.

And speaking of dance, we head to Bellows Falls where a short documentary called 'Action Conversation: Bellows Falls' recently debuted in town. The film uses movement, body language and words to bridge a generational disconnect in this small town.

Also in the program, a symposium at the University of Vermont is bringing together experts from diverse fields to examine how diseases spread through populations, at both the social and microbial level. We talk with anthropologist Jonah Steinberg about the project, which jumps off from the work of Steven Johnson who examined the political, social and pathogenic causes of London's 1854 cholera outbreak in the book, 'The Ghost Map'.

Broadcast live on Monday, April 28th at noon; rebroadcast at 7 p.m.

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