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Health Insurance Rates Not Bending, So Far

Vermont Secretary of Human Services Al Gobeille says he's wary of any plan that would put impede access to health care for low-income Vermonters.
Angela Evancie
Al Gobeille, chairman of the Green Mountain Care Board, testifying to lawmakers in January 2014.

On Monday this week, Blue Cross Blue Shield and MVP filed their health insurance rates with the state.  The rate increases projected by the insurers – 9.8 percent on average for Blue Cross, and more than 15 percent for MVP – aren’t out of line with what Vermonters have experienced historically, but they don’t reflect the goal of mitigating the double-digit percent increases that have driven up the cost of insurance over the past decade. On the next Vermont Edition, we’ll talk insurance rates with Al Gobeille, chairman of the Green Mountain Care Board, the entity that will review the rate increase requests.

Also in the program, Senator Patrick Leahy discusses his interest in a constitutional amendment on campaign financing.  The Senate Judiciary Committee that Leahy chairs held hearings on Tuesday to look at undoing the impacts of Supreme Court rulings like Citizens United vs. FEC and McCutcheon vs. FEC.

And we listen back to some of the voices in this week's news.

Broadcast live on Fri., June 6, 2014 at noon; rebroadcast at 7 p.m.

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