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Sending Whey Away: Vermont Businesses Connect With Global Markets


We tend to think about Vermont products in terms of 'buy local' but Vermont businesses are also tapping into international markets and sending their goods all over the world. From specialty foods to aerospace technology, Vermont exports are gaining a foothold. On this episode of Vermont Edition, we learn about the business infrastructure that helps Vermont producers connect with buyers and distributors abroad. Our guests are Chelsea Bardot Lewis from the Agency of Agriculture, and Brent Raymond, with the Vermont Global Trade Partnership.

Also in the program, Ellen Gilinsky, a top water official from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. She's visiting Vermont to discuss a proposed rule on the protection of streams and wetlands, a topic not without controversy here.

And, we learn about a new project VPR launches this week called Traces, which captures stories of how addiction has affected people in Vermont.

Original broadcast was on Tues., June 24, 2014.  VPR has redacted a portion of the audio about Traces in response to a request from a project participant.