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Nice Gneiss: The Geology Of Vermont

Toby Talbot
A fossil preserved in what was once the bottom of a warm equatorial sea- now Fisk Quarry in Isle La Motte.

At the end of the last ice age, a good part of Vermont was under the sea. The retreating glaciers had pushed down the bedrock, allowing water from the Atlantic Ocean to stretch as far as southern Vermont. As the continental rock rebounded, the Champlain Sea eventually became lake Champlain, though fossils from that era can still be seen at Chazy reef in Isle La Motte.

These are the sorts of things you think about if you're a geologist looking at Vermont. You may also look at the state's bedrock composition to learn where the groundwater flows. We talk to Charlotte Mehrtens, a geologist at the University of Vermont, and to Laurence Becker, Vermont State Geologist.

Also on the show, many landowners in Addison County are still upset with Vermont Gas Systems' handling of Phase I of the natural gas pipeline. The company has negotiated a little over half the easements necessary for the path of the pipeline. We talk to Addison Independent reporter Zach Despart to hear the latest.

Broadcast live on Tuesday, July 1 at noon; rebroadcast at 7 p.m.