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Young Writers Project: Moon Dance

Gabriello Lewis

Gabriello Lewis, who is homeschooled in Burlington and is a rising freshman, wrote this poem in response to the Young Writers Project prompt, Perspective.

Moon Dance
By Gabriello Lewis
Grade Eight, Homeschool, Burlington

The moon sat and watched the universe in his eternal dance,
Bored with his purpose.
He could see every ant and every bee.
He could see the trees breathe,
But he was bored.
The moon had been there,
Orbiting the earth since he was created.
Not once had earth even talked to him,
Except to laugh at him when the humans down below finally figured out that he orbited her.
The only other time the earth talked to him or even glanced at him,
Was to rant in anger.
Then one day,
When the men from earth finally landed on his surface,
To learn his secrets,
She looked at him,
And her face wasn’t filled with rage
Or mockery.
It was love.

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