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Answering Vaccination Concerns

In addition to “widespread” flu outbreaks across the country this winter, the flu vaccine is only about 30 percent effective this year, according to Vermont Health Commissioner Dr. Mark Levine.
Toby Talbot
In this April 20, 2012, photo, Nurse Catherine Craige draws a chickenpox vaccination in Berlin, Vt. Some parents have concerns over the effects of vaccines.

Eighty-six percent of students entering Kindergarten in Vermont have been fully immunized. But what about the other 14 percent?

State Health Commissioner Dr. Harry Chen and and Dr. Anne Schuchat, Assistant Surgeon General of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, discuss Vermont's rates of vaccination, exemptions and the vaccines children are receiving. They also address questions parents have who are hesitant of getting their children vaccinated. You can read the state's Immunization Program Report.

Also in the program, a status update on the Little Brown Bat, one of six bat species in Vermont afflicted with White Nose Syndrome. Its numbers have been decimated over the last several years at the fungus has attacked bats as they hibernate. But now, wildlife biologists are seeing a glimmer hope as the population of Little Brown Bats in Vermont seems to be stabilizing. We learn more from Vermont Department of Fish & Wildlife biologist Alyssa Bennett.

Broadcast live on Wednesday, July 16 at noon; rebroadcast at 7 p.m.