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Oenophilia 101

Luis Hidalgo
Wine has the ability to enhance the flavors of a meal.

When you’ve been to a restaurant where you’re handed a wine list that is a tome as thick as the book you’re reading, you might decide to just order a beer. Or when you’ve needed to pick a wine to take to a friend’s house for dinner, you’ve probably considered just taking a bouquet of flowers instead. Choosing wines can be intimidating.

Keven Ring, wine and beverage manager for Simon Pearce Restaurant, and Village Wine and Coffee Owner Kevin Clayton try to demystify wine by sharing their favorite regions and varieties, discuss pairings and give tips on working with your wine seller or steward.

Also on the program, the annual loon count took place this weekend. Eric Hanson, a conservation biologist with the Vermont Center for Ecostudies who coordinates the Vermont Loon Conservation project, shares what was learned about the loon population in the state.

Plus, we return to Summer School to learn how to toss pizza dough like a pro from Jay Vogler, owner of Pizza on Earth.

Broadcast live on Monday, July 21 at noon; rebroadcast at 7 p.m.

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