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Young Writers Project: Dawn

Olivia Pintair is this week's Young Writers Project author.

Olivia Pintair, of Williston, is a rising freshman who will be attending Emma Willard School in the fall. Olivia is a longtime Young Writers Project writer who also writes her own lyrics and music – as she did for this piece. Olivia has recently published an eBook of her lyrics and poetry to support a Ugandan orphan. The book, “When All That's Left is Light,” is available on Amazon.

By Olivia Pintair
Grade Nine, Lake Champlain Waldorf School

When dawn moved in we watched the shade,
knelt before the lion’s cage,
felt the rain from the willow tree;
you helped my soul find me.

Some things are meant to live unknown
or to find you when you’re most alone;
the colored birds fly round the well
and there is a truth I’ve learned so well.

There is a truth I’ve learned is joy
and I found it in your words and voice.
I found it while shaking rain from trees
and in a beautiful place that set me free.

As dawn moved in we watched the moon
as it flew away like a big balloon.
And if we all have to float off too,
know that he who let me fly was you.

Learn more about the Young Writers Project's Summer of Stories Challenge.

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