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The Legacy Of Jim Jeffords

Jim Jeffords was a GOP stalwart in Vermont, serving seven terms as a Republican in the House before moving to the Senate. Jeffords made headlines in 2001 when he renounced his Republican Party affiliation and became an Independent, caucusing with the Democrats. His decision shifted the balance of power in the Senate and made him a target of national devotion and disdain.

We'll celebrate the life and legacy of Jim Jeffords with VPR's Bob Kinzel, who covered Jeffords' time in office, and with Diane Derby, who was Jeffords' Communications Director for many years. We'll also hear from Democratic Senator Tom Daschle, who became the Senate Majority Leader with Jeffords defection from the Republican Party. And we'll hear from former Vermont Governor Jim Douglas on what Jeffords' legacy means to the Republican Party in this state.

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Also on the show, we'll hear from David Mears, the Commissioner of the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation, about the efforts to combat blue-green algae in Lake Champlain.

And for Summer School, we'll get a lesson in how to build a stone wall.

Broadcast live on Tuesday, August 19 at noon; rebroadcast at 7 p.m.