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Young Writers Project: Misunderstood

Fiona Sweeney is this week's Young Writers Project author.

Fiona Sweeney is an 8th grade student at Crossroads Academy in Lyme, N.H. Fiona says she wrote the poem, “Misunderstood” about feminism because it is “often misconstrued to be something radical and ‘anti-man.’” Fiona says, “By definition, feminism is the belief that men and women (and those who don’t identify with either gender) should all be equal from political, social, and economic standpoints. I wrote this poem in response to an encounter I had with another student who, despite my best efforts, was refusing to understand that feminism is about equality, not man hating.”

By Fiona Sweeney
Grade Eight, Crossroads Academy

All alone with hellfire
Raising demons in your blood
Licking wounds of men
With misdemeanors on their tongues

Whilst I sit, not silent
With my patience running thin
I entreat you, no, I plead you
To just take a look within

Misrepresented mirrors
Slowly blinding on the walls
A word which seems to bind me
On to your resentful call

“Feminist,” not a compliment
Though really it should be
We are representing women
With our strongly growing tree

Sometimes branches mutate
And try to distort the image
Of a calm, respectful movement
Not a rude and killing sin

So with passion on my tongue
And a fire in my veins
I will support equality
To help rid us of this pain

Of under-education
And of the non-toleration
And of hurtful accusations
Of a terrorizing nation

It’s my body and my brain
So don't tell me what to do
And when I want your opinion
I’ll make sure to come ask you

Because a yes is a yes
A no is a no
Your body is yours
From your head to your toes

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