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Young Writers Project: Salt And Pepper

Isaac Jenemann is this week's Young Writers Project author.

Isaac Jenemann, an eighth grade student at Edmunds Middle School in Burlington, wrote this piece in response to the Young Writers Project prompt, “Objects: Write about a relationship between two inanimate objects.” Isaac’s choice of salt and pepper shakers sparked a great story about how love can develop despite obvious differences.

Salt and Pepper
By Isaac Jenemann
Grade Eight, Edmunds Middle School

I’m just inches away from the love of my life;
she’s filled with iodide, but also sugar and spice.
They say that opposites attract, well, that’s true,
‘cause we’re as different as a nail and a screw.
You are spectacular, I try to exalt,
for I am the pepper and she is the salt.
Your brass container’s beautiful, I try to yell.
Being inanimate’s like being in hell.

I’m just inches away from that really sweet guy,
the one who makes my stomach feel like a butterfly.
They say that opposites attract, well, that’s true,
‘cause we’re as different as conditioner and shampoo.
I say loving phrases but my words are put to a halt.
He is the pepper; I am the salt.
Your mechanics grind well, I try to deliver,
but my voice is lacking and he hears not a sliver.

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