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Working To Get Out The Vote

Sec. of State Jim Condos
Toby Talbot
AP File
A voter casts his ballot in 2013 in Hardwick.

Participation in midterm elections is typically much lower than Presidential election years. Why is that? What does it take to get you to the polling place?

We talk to Middlebury Political Science Professor Matt Dickinson about voting habits. And we hear from two groups who are working to get voters to the polls in Vermont: The Chamber of Commerce, and Vermont Public Interest Research Group.

Also on the show, we get an update on the plague of winter ticks affecting Vermont's moose population.

And finally, we hear from a Johnson State College student who has just been elected to the Vermont State Colleges Board of Trustees. Alyssa Slaimen would like to be an advocate for the students on the Board of Trustees.

Broadcast live on Tuesday, November 4 at noon.