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Don Shall
Puppets at the Pride Parade in Burlington in 2011.

A new study from the Human Rights Campaign rates cities around the country for LGBT equality. They looked at things like non-discrimination laws, relationship recognition and municipality employment policies. Burlington rates pretty highly, as you might imagine, but other towns in Vermont do not fare so well.

Vermont was ahead of the curve accepting civil unions and gay marriage, but does that make this state a great place to live as an LGBTQ person? We talk to HB Lozito, Executive Director of Green Mountain Crossroads, and Margaret Tamulonis, former Board Co-Chair of Pride Center of VT and coordinator of the Vermont Queer Archives. We also hear from Robert Toms, former owner of 135 Pearl.

Later, we talk with the man auctioning off a piece of Vermont history. One of the original documents signed by Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson in 1791 admitting Vermont into the Union. And we find out what the market is for these kinds of historical artifacts.

And finally we get a taste of music from Anders Parker and Cloud Badge, the latest performers in our "Live from the Fort" online music series.

Broadcast live on Tuesday, November 18 at noon; rebroadcast at 7 p.m.