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We The Jury: Getting Called To Serve

CJ Gunther
Some people accept jury duty with dread while others relish the opportunity.

When the notice arrives that you've been selected for jury duty, some people wonder, "Why me?". Others look at it as their civic duty and as an opportunity to see the court system in action.

We speak with Stephanie Limoge, jury coordinator for the Vermont's Jury Administration Office, and Attorneys David Sleigh and Ritch Berger and Addison County State's Attorney Dave Fenster to get an idea of how people get picked for duty, how they might get out of serving and what goes into lawyers' decisions on who should sit in the jury on their case.

Also on the program, R.A. "Ray" Montgomery, the co-founder of the "Choose Your Own Adventure" interactive children's book series, died last week after a struggle with cancer. Author Doug Wilhelm reflects on Montgomery's life and the impact his creations have had on young readers.