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Electric Utility Regulation 101

Rich Bowmer
State legislators are getting a primer on utility regulation this week.

'Electric utility regulation' is a phrase that could put a lot of people to sleep, but not Vermonters, it seems.  Wind power, net metering, electric rates and renewable energy credits all intersect in this complicated but important policy arena. This week lawmakers get a three-day tutorial on utility regulations from the Regulatory Assistance Project, and we're getting a snapshot of that landscape too.

Rich Sedano, director of US Programs at RAP, is our guest to talk about how electric rates set, the recent history of deregulation and how the regulatory environment is keeping up with new forms of small power generation.

Also in the program, Vermont author Megan Mayhew Bergman discusses her new book of short stories, Almost Famous Women. In the book, she fictionalizes the stories of real women whom history has forgotten.

And VPR's Ric Cengeri talks with Kerry Shrives, Senior Appraiser at Skinner, Inc., a Boston auction house, about the collection of Sir Alasdair Munro of Lindertis, Scotland. Munro was a long-time resident of Vermont. A selection of items from the collection are being auctioned this week.

Finally, we read from your messages to the show.

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