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Untying The Paradox Of Modern Parenthood

Deirdre Rusk
Author Jennifer Senior contends that social scientists don't focus on the joy that parenting brings.

As you raise a child, there are thousands of wonderful moments that bring the parents unbridled joy. That moment the infant seems to recognize you. The first formation of words. Rolling over, crawling and eventually walking.

But how much fun are these years for parents as their children march from birth to adulthood? There are discussions with toddlers that don't adhere to the laws of logic. Or the adolescent years when the prefrontal cortex is still developing.

We speak with Vermont author Jennifer Senior about these wonderful and excruciating moments of parenthood. She's written "All Joy and No Fun: The Paradox of Modern Parenthood."

Also on the program, Shelburne Museum is the first museum to host the exhibit "Kodachrome Memory: American Pictures, 1972-1990" by former National Geographic photographer Nathan Benn. This showing has been modified to include additional images by Benn of Vermont in the 1970s. We discuss the exhibit with Nathan Benn and Thomas Denenberg, director of the Shelburne Museum.

Broadcast live on Thursday, Jan 22, at noon; rebroadcast at 7 p.m.

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