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A Many-Splendored Thing, Sort Of

Valentine's Day, the inescapable annual reflection on love.

Vermont Edition gives itself over to the centrifugal force of Valentine's Day with three looks at love, relationships and dating.

First up, Champlain College psychologist Bjarne Holmes helps us dive into the world of relationships, the work of maintaining them, and why they sometimes go awry. Holmes' blog for  Psychology Today is called Love by the Numbers  and he produces the podcast, Relationship Matters.

Next, a professional matchmaker pulls back the curtain on the process of helping people connect. Nicole Leclerc of Compatibles explains that making an initial connection is part research and part coaching. (Interpersonal chemistry not included.)

And finally, the Vermont Folklife Center previews its Friday event, Love Chocolate & Love Stories by sharing two Vermont stories of people falling in love.

Broadcast live on Thur., Feb 12, 2015 at noon; rebroadcast at 7 p.m.

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