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Is There Economic Opportunity In Climate Change?

Toby Talbot
AP file
Vermont has the second most solar jobs per capita in the country.

Businesses and technology that have sprouted up in response to climate change tend to place more emphasis on saving the planet than a return on investment. But in order to attract mainstream capital to these emerging companies, an innovative and profitable business model must be in place.
Jigar Shah, co-founder of Generate Capital and author of "Creating Climate Wealth" explains how that is possible as the impacts of climate change are realized. Shah is the keynote speaker for the Summit on Creating Prosperity and Opportunity Confronting Climate Change which is being put on by the Vermont Council on Rural Development.

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Also on the program, Mary Saucier Choate, the food and nutrition educator for the Hanover Consumer Society, explains how families, even those on a tight budget, can still eat nutritionally.

Broadcast live on Wed., Feb. 18, 2015 at noon; rebroadcast at 7 p.m.