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Medical Care: How Much Is Too Much?

The prevailing medical thought says that early detection is the key to finding and curing certain diseases. Other common medical assumptions include that it never hurts to get more information, it's always better to fix the problem and all risks can be lowered.

In his new book, "Less Medicine, More Health," Dr. Gilbert Welch of Dartmouth Medical School contends that these assumptions are creating a culture of too much medical care.

Also on the program, we visit the Henry Sheldon Museum in Middlebury to learn about the work of local high school students who nave researched the traditions of trapping and boatbuilding in the Champlain Valley. The students conducted interviews with trappers, measured historic trapping boats and built replica boats.

Plus, we read your comments from our virtual mailbag.

Broadcast live on Wednesday, March 18, 2015, at noon; rebroadcast at 7 p.m.