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Young Writers Project: 'Reality'

Petra Bajuk wrote her poem, 'Reality,' as a warning about how our actionst today could affect our future.

Petra Bajuk, a seventh-grade student at Colchester Middle School, wrote this piece on Vermont Writes Day. She says, "I have heard and observed many warnings about how our actions today may affect our future. In my story, I aim to show readers a possible outcome of our actions in 56 years. I hope that my story doesn't become our reality."

By Petra Bajuk
Grade 7, Colchester Middle School

It is the year 2071. The future of mankind has been bleak for a while. But it is an internal problem. We were the ones who caused it.
Since the start of the 20th century, man has been burning fossil fuels endlessly and causing the temperature to feel like you're in a sauna, and the sky to resemble what you might imagine an alien planet’s sky might look like – a nasty, dirty brown. But this isn’t an alien planet. It's Earth.
There has been a lot of discussion about why this is happening and what caused our planet to decline at such a rate.
But deep down we all know whom to blame – our ancestors. The elders of our planet often speak in melancholy tones about the “good old days” when the sky was blue with fluffy clouds and plants were actually green – not a tan brown.
But the people my age – we have never heard of this or seen it beyond old photos, so we don’t know how it used to be.
We are stuck in the nightmare that is our reality.

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