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AG Sorrell On GMO Law, Campaign Finance

Toby Talbot
Attorney General Bill Sorrell.

Attorney General Bill Sorrell is in the midst of two big stories this week. First, a federal judge gave the state an important, if partial, win on Monday in a lawsuit over Vermont's GMO labeling law. And then, Sorrell testified at the Statehouse on the issue of campaign finance rules, which some people say Sorrell himself has run afoul of. Wednesday on Vermont Edition, Attorney General Sorrell is our guest to discuss these and other issues his office is working on.

Also in the program, the president of Green Up Vermont, Melinda Vieux.  We crack through the familiarity of Vermont's annual litter cleanup to remember how Green Up Day got started (closing down the interstate, anyone?) and why Vermont doesn't have an Adopt-A-Highway program instead.

And, our feathered friends the woodcocks. We head into the woods to listen to their peenting mating call.

Broadcast live on Wed., April 29, 2015 at noon; rebroadcast at 7 p.m.