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To Post Or Not To Post: Social Media Boundaries

Izabela Habur
It can be hard to decide what to share online.

Most of us - like it or not - are awash in intersecting worlds of social media. And many of us are putting out our thoughts online, on a wide variety of topics, throughout the day. But how do you decide what to post and what to keep to yourself?

Drawing boundaries can be difficult when it seems like there's an expectation of full disclosure, all the time. And there can be real, offline consequences to online speech. All this while kids are dipping into social media earlier and earlier.

To sort it all out, we talk to big social media thinkers Nicole Ravlin of People Making Good public relations and Edward Shepard of Parent Co, plus attorney Geoff Hand of Dunkiel Saunders.

Plus, the Tony-winning musical "Fun Home," is based on the graphic novel by Vermonter Alison Bechdel, but it has another Vermont connection: eleven-year old actor Oscar Williams of Charlotte. We check in on what it's like for a young Broadway star.

Broadcast live on Monday, June 8, 2105, at noon, rebroadcast at 7 p.m.